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I’m happy to help with your wedding day planning questions or let me know what you’d like in your photography package.

Please send the contact form or chat with me live on the website when I’m available.

You can also text me and let me know when you’re available for a chat.

When you’re ready to learn more we can make an appointment to see you both and discover what you’re dreaming of for your wedding day.

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90 Wallendoon St
Cootamundra NSW

Phone: 0408 414 063

AIPP Accredited


Carmen Hickey Photography is based in Wagga Wagga with over 10 years of experience

Carmen photographs weddings in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Additionally, Carmen has photographed weddings Internationally including in the iconic Valley of Fire in Nevada, USA.

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90 Wallendoon St

Cootamundra NSW

Phone: 0408 414 063

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